Welcome to Sauvignon Republic

Sauvignon Republic is dedicated to crafting the finest Sauvignon Blanc wines from the world’s best growing regions and we offer them to thirsty consumers at the very highest value for money.  A versatile white wine, Sauvignon Blanc is a bit of a chameleon, its tasty flavors range from crisp, mineral, and grassy to citrus, tropical and gooseberry, all driven by terroir (the place where the grapes are grown).   We feel that the best “Sauvys” come from some of the coolest (temperature) and hottest (hip) regions in California, New Zealand, France, and South Africa.  

While exploring Sauvignon Blanc from different terroirs sounds like an academic adventure, we make Sauvignon Blanc because we like to drink it!  Sauvignon Blanc is our “go to” wine for sipping on its own after a long day’s work and almost every meal including spicy ethnic cuisines.  Its bright fresh cut green grass and kiwi aromas complement the mouthwatering crispness and bright acidity creating a refreshing treat especially the hot summer months.  

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